Actual Play

Here is the list of actual play reports. Click the heading to read the full post. Entries including a dash (e.g., 3-1) are summaries of chat-based, character-centric exchanges. The main entries (e.g., Session 1, 2, 3) are standard, face-to-face, D&D activity.

Session 3-2

We're going on a bear hunt / We're going to catch a big one / What a beautiful day! / We're not scared.

Session 3-1

The Abbot Puts a Hit Out. Arrival at the Sacred Grove. Quest Accepted. Charles Not in Charge.

Session 3

Winter deepens. Elven ambush. The Washerwomen. Tracking the elves, destroying them, seizing the plunder. A mysterious structure. Pagan unrest. The scop Gadd seeks material, finds none. A request for conversion. A subtle and violent ruse. Baptisms.

Session 2

The party liberates a sextet of naiads, clears a buried temple to an Etruscan god of its undead guardians, and turns the tables on an elven ambush in the Blean Wood.

Session 1

The party discovers undead in a crypt beneath the Church of Saint Martin, slays them, gets a relic, and finds a lot of scary things that want to kill them.


The Gregorian Mission arrives in Britain in the Kentish city of Canterbury. Fog rolls in and unleashes the supernatural. The monks kill some druids, some peat zombies, and a small white dragon. King Aethelberht is baptized, and he gives permission for the monks to set up permanently in Canterbury.

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