Game Statistics


  • 14 solidi (gp)
  • 1832 denarii (sp)
  • 8684 assarii (cp)
  • 2 gems (500sp each) (session 2)
  • Idol of ??? (74sp) recovered from temple beneath Church of Saint Martin, with disc "key" to back door in temple (session 2)
  • Necklace of the high priest(?) of ??? (78sp) recovered from temple beneath Church of Saint Martin (session 2)
  • 3 Grecian urns containing living naiads (session 2)


The name in parenthesis is the current possessor of the item.
  • Cloak of Saint Martin of Tours (Br. Lucas)


XP per baptism is split among the party normally; each PC receives it, even those not present in the session. (This is the only way to earn passive XP.) However, if you personally convert someone, you earn the full XP; it is not given to any other PC.

The XP earned per baptism is roughly equivalent to weregild ratios.

When the head of a household is baptized, only his XP counts; his household is included. If his household later (passively) comes to be baptized, no new XP is given. However, if through individual, intentional PC action the individual is baptized, then he will grant XP.

The idea is that when a bunch of random people get baptized, you just get XP for the head of the house. When you personally involve yourself in the process, know the person's name, etc., then that person grants XP as an individual.

A woman considered alone (not part of a household) grants half the XP bonus as a man of her station. A slave (theow) woman still grants 1 XP. A theow technically has no weregild price but still grants XP.

Kings (1000 XP each)
  • Aethelberhrt, King of Kent (prelude), and his queen Bertha (backstory), but not his household
Thanes / Aethelingas / Bishops (36 XP each)
  • Aethelberht's Thanes (18 houses) (session 3)
Churls / Priests / Monks (6 XP each)
  • Eomer and his household (16 souls) (session 2)
Theows (1 XP each)
  • None

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