Monday, October 15, 2012

[Archetype] The Priest

You can baptize, forgive sins, bless things, and say mass. You may be elevated to the office of bishop. If you are also a monk, you are called a hieromonk. You are to be celibate and may not marry.

Best stat: Charisma
Skills: Diplomacy, Religion
Languages: Latin, Ancestral
Motive: temporal power, gain merit before God, an easy living, reform the church, nurture the diocese

Becoming a Priest

If you are not already a priest and wish to become one, you must convince your bishop that you are worthy. Tell the DM to give you a new Skill Challenge: Deaconate. If you are successful, the bishop will ordain you as a deacon. Your only privilege is teaching. Tell the DM to create another Skill Challenge for you: Priesthood. If you are successful, your time as a deacon convinces the bishop to ordain you as a priest.

Flaw: Abuse of Power

Tell the DM that you gain Flaw: Abuse of Power.


When you baptize someone, gain XP = a minion of your level. Check Charisma.

DC 18: target becomes a faithful convert, calls and considers you "Father." Tell the DM to make a new entry on his Development List: Guidance: [convert's name] comes to [priest's name] asking for guidance concerning a sensitive matter.

DC 10: the target still holds on to major beliefs or practices of the old ways. Tell the DM to create a new Skill Challenge for you: Sanctification: [convert's name]'s [the convert's problem(s)].

Miss: the convert is Christian only in name. Tell the DM to create a new threat: Apostasy: [convert's name].

Note: when you baptize a child, the the provisions above apply to the child's parents or guardians.


When you bless something (a person, place, or thing) over someone's objection or at their request, check Charisma:

DC 18: it comes to good, and God is considered to be the cause of it. Tell the DM to make a new Development: Reward of Successful Blessing.

DC 10: meh.

Miss: it comes to ruin, and you (and maybe your God) are to blame.  Tell the DM to make a new Development: Blame for Failed Blessing.


When a PC comes to you for confession, follow this script, or it doesn't work. "(+)" means the person speaking must cross himself. If you do not follow the script precisely, there is no XP or forgiveness.


  • (+) 
  • [After making the sign of the cross, the penitent shares some passage of scripture.] 
  • Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been [time] since my last confession.
Priest: Speak, my child.

Penitent: [honestly recite the number and kind of your transgressions.]


  • [Give counsel to the penitent, exhorting him to trust in God and pursue holiness.]
  • [Assign penance. Verily, only if uncomfortable or inconvenient may it grant XP.]
  • I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father (+) and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

That done, if the penitent then performs the penance, the penitent gains XP = a minion of the priest's level.

For goodness' sake, only one confession per extended rest.

Note that the priest himself receives no XP for this, only the penitent. You may want to leverage your power to forgive sins.


When a PC comes to you for sincere guidance and you give it, they gain a +2 token usable post hoc on any check only if they follow through on your guidance.

When an NPC does the same, treat it the same as giving them a blessing (see above).


When you conduct mass, you literally turn bread into divine flesh and wine into divine blood. Anyone who goes into battle on the same day he has partaken in a mass you have said (including you) checks Wisdom vs DC 10. On a hit, all his damage types are also radiant.


If you wish to become a bishop, you must convince your own bishop that you're worthy. Tell your DM to create a new Skill Challenge for you: Bishop [priest's name]. If you are successful, the bishop sends for Rome to recommend you, and you will be ordained when word comes back, with all the privileges and responsibilities that entails.

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