Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Skills & Checks

Skills are concept toggles. They don't affect math. They tell the me not to roll for something or to give you a chance to roll you wouldn't otherwise have.

The DCs are static.

DC10: Hit
DC18: Critical

On a hit, the DM may still bring some badness. It's a complicated success or partial success or success with a cost.

On a critical, you do the thing.

For instance, getting converts. Getting someone to convert means getting them baptized. Their behavior and beliefs are not necessarily different.

It's a Charisma check, vs  the usual DCs. Never add half level.

Prerequisite: have serious leverage on the person. This is not a threat; it's a deal. You don't make the check if you don't have leverage; without it, you're just talking.

Crit: they will be baptized if you promise them something, implicitly or otherwise.

Hit: The person will go along if you do something for them. The DM will say what.

Miss: DM always gets to do good stuff on misses.

One of the DM's miss options is to do damage. Base damage is your surge. value. If the situation warrants, this may be multiplied.

Another option is to impose a condition or two, like restrained, unconscious, an helpless. Things need not get so dire right away, but failure is a permission slip for the DM.

All this is very much influenced by Apocalypse World, Burning Wheel, and Mouse Guard.

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