Monday, October 8, 2012

[Archetype] The Healer

Note: This is my first stab at homebrewing a class. Actually, this is a reconstruction of what a class in 4e means. It separates the combat role from the fluff and other elements of character. The "class" then is separate from the combat role. (See my first role post, Brutal.) The role is the fighty fight stuff. You mash together the two and get, say, a Brutal Healer. Also, note that there are no encounter or daily powers here. Everything's fictionally triggered. There aren't dissociated mechanics either.

You're The Healer. When you come into a town, it's only a matter of time: the people will swarm you: my son is mute; my brother is a leper; my sister won't stop bleeding. They always hear about you eventually, and then they're banging on the door at all hours, dragging invalids into your path—they know you can heal them, but it's rarely so simple.

Best stat: Wisdom

Skills: Diplomacy, Healing, Insight
Languages: Latin, Ancestral

Choose a motive: atoning for past sins, desperate to gain merit before God, fulfilling a vow, pursuing a vision.

Create or choose a name: Raphael, Anastasi(a/us), Asclepi(a/us), Medic(a/us), Salv(a/us), Cura, Curatio, San(a/us)

When you lay hands upon someone and pray earnestly for their healing, roll.

  • Critical: immediate healing; all who see it fear.
  • Hit: the DM chooses either (a) immediate healing leading to envy and hatred (b) a test of faith: there will be immediate healing if something bizarre, uncomfortable, or inconvenient is done—the DM will tell you who must do it and what must be done. 
  • Miss: sin is preventing the healing. The DM will tell you whose sin it is, and he knows what it is, but he won't tell you that. When the sin is dealt with, pray again, and the healing will be immediate. 
As long as you touch someone, he will not taste death. 

As long as you touch a corpse, it will not see decay. 

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