Monday, October 8, 2012

[Role] Brutal

This is my first stab at homebrewing a class. Actually, this is a reconstruction of what a class in 4e means. It separates the combat role from the fluff and other character elements.

The "class" then is separate from the combat role. (See the previous class post, The Healer.) The role is the fighty fight stuff. 

Type: Striker / Controller
Base HP: 12 + Constitution
HP/Level: 5
Surges/Day: 6 + Constitution Modifier
Defenses: +2 to Fortitude and Reflex, +1 Will
You get Plaything at level 1. Choose two more level 1 powers.

Plaything (Level 1 Brutal Power)

Attack an adjacent creature in melee using your best stat. If you hit, do 1[W] plus stat damage, and you may say how you do any or all of the following:

  • knock the creature prone
  • immobilize the creature
  • restrain the creature
  • disarm the creature
  • slide the creature 1 square
  • slide the creature into any square adjacent to you
If the creature is larger than you, you cannot slide it under your own strength. 

You may enter the creature's square, and you may enter any square from which you slid the creature. 

Stomp (Level 1 Brutal Power)

While adjacent to a prone target, you and all allies adjacent to that target gain +1d6 damage against it. 

Catch (Level 1 Brutal Power) 

When you slide a target adjacent to an ally to which the creature was not already adjacent, that ally may  as an immediate reaction make a melee basic attack with a bonus equal to stat. If multiple allies qualify, choose one to make the attack; the others may aid the attack as an immediate reaction. 

Creature Shield (Level 1 Brutal Power) 

While you have a creature restrained, you may say how you harm the creature. You inflict 1d6 + stat damage. 

Additionally, whenever you are hit with a physical attack while restraining a creature, save. On save, the damage applies to the restrained creature instead.

Furthermore, you can "cut free" a restrained creature by doing 2d6 + stat damage. The creature is no longer restrained, and you cannot occupy the same square. You may slide the creature 1, or you may shift away.

The Distance (Level 1 Brutal Power)

Whenever you force a creature to move, you may force it to move an additional square. 

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