Sunday, October 14, 2012

[Role] Shielding

shield wall at the battle of Hastings 
Type: Defender / Controller
HP: 15 + Con and 6/level thereafter 
Proficiencies: martial
Defenses: +2 Fortitude and Reflex, +1 Will
Skills: Athletics, Endurance

A Shielding character hunkers down and turtles up. You wait for the enemy to come to you, then nullify him. You should wear heavy armor and carry a big shield. 

You get Dig In and two others. 


When you take a full defense action and are bearing a big shield, you are dug in. (If you're bearing a wimpy shield, halve the benefits.) If you move more than 1 or take damage, you are no longer dug in.

While dug in, adjacent allies not in front of you gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC and Reflex vs attacks by creatures not behind you that you threaten and from missile attacks originating from a blast 3 centered in front of you with line of effect extent.

Additionally, you may make an opportunity attack against any creature that, after entering your threatened range, moves within it or exits it or makes an attack that doesn't include you.

On your turn, as a standard action, you may leave your dug in status and do 1[W] + stat damage against an enemy in melee range. 


You must be dug in to use these.

 Shield Bash: Daze or make an enemy grant combat advantage until the end of its turn rather than taking an opportunity attack.

Shield Push: Push an enemy 1 if your size or smaller instead of taking an opportunity attack.

Hard Advance: Move 2, remaining dug in, granting superior cover to yourself and one ally directly behind you.

Fearsome: When an enemy that can feel fear would enter your threatened range, if you wish, you may force it to save. On a failure, it stays outside your threatened range.

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