Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Archetype] The Sage

Let's face it: you're probably the only one in this town who can read.

Best Stat: Intelligence

Name: Josephus, Simon, Sophia, Lucas, Thomas, Philo, Tacitus, Junia

Motive: complete an account, assuage doubts, find something lost to history, defend a system of thought, prove something they say you're crazy for believing, solve a mystery, resolve a contradiction

Languages: Latin, your ancestral tongue, and three more (select all three categories once or multiple languages in same category): dead language, foreign language, secret language.

You have a library. At first, it's only three books. Write down what they are and what they're about. "I don't know what what they are or what they're about" is fine.

When you consult your library on a subject, add +1 to your Int check for each relevant book in your library:
  • Crit: you find just what you need
  • Hit: you find part of what you need, but it's (GM's choice):
    1. vague
    2. partial
    3. riddled with lacunae
    4. apparently contradictory
    5. obviously a later addition
    6. overwritten by other text (will take time and/or special instruments to make out original text)
  • Miss: you'll need another work to get anything good, and you've got an idea where you might find one

When you relax undisturbed (as part of an extended rest—no research!) "in your library," you gain temp HP for your next combat encounter equal to your Int Mod plus level.

When someone comes to you for a serious answer about what they consider to be a matter of grave concern, you get XP = a minion of your level if you blow them off or tell them some convincing nonsense, which they will, of course, believe. They'll be ticked off at you—now or later.

When you encounter a text in a language you don't know, check Int:

  • Crit: with enough time, you can make out the meaning, and, with another such text, to learn the language passably enough.
  • Hit: you can make out words here and there. With another text to work off of, you should be able to make out the meaning.
  • Miss: gibberish! You need a comparative text to even make out a decent passage.

When you're searching somewhere in particular for a certain piece of knowledge, say why you think it would be here and check Int:

  • Crit: you find it.
  • Hit: you find a marker, clue, or piece of the puzzle.
  • Miss: DM decides if you find something troubling or a dead end.

When you study something intensively, check Int:

  • Crit: it's clear and complete and what you what you want to hear
  • Hit: GM decides if the info is confusing and symbolic or if it is clear but partial
  • Miss: GM decides if info is clear but troubling or just, after all that study, a waste of time

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